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Vip Programs & Benefits

Be a Dana Point Bodycentre V.I.P.!

Registering as a VIP ensures these important privileges:

1. Online Booking

  • Schedule appointments with a favorite therapists any time, day and night, 24/7, from the comfort of the home computer or laptop
  • Review service history
  • Update client profile (name, address, phone number, email address, password)
  • Receive additional Spa Points toward Spa Dollars just for booking appointments
  • Monitor accumulation of Spa Point in the client profile
  • All information is secure and protected

2. Email Notification

Register as a VIP guarantees ongoing Special and Promotion notifications by maintaining a valid email address in the client profile.

3. Newsletter Subscription

VIP Registration grants a free subscription to the "Bodycentre SeaBreez" Newsletter, where hot spa tips, ideas, and articles important to the spa experience are displayed, and professional guidance to better health, wellness, and wellbeing are provided.

4. Earn $pa Dollar$ Faster

VIP Registration with Dana Point Bodycentre automatically expands earning power for accumulating "Spa Points". Earn "Spa Dollars" faster by registering for Online Booking* and using it to manage the spa experience.

*Online Booking - VIP's receive 2500 points every time they book online.

Register as a VIP now!

Registering as a VIP empowers you to a full line of spa benefits and conveniences.WITH ONLINE BOOKING, you will be able to manage your personal experience with Dana Point Bodycentre directly from your home, 24/7, and makes you an official member of the Dana Point Bodycentre family! As a VIP, you will receive a Client ID # and a case sensitive Password to log into the Online Booking module.

You will be asked by the Concierge Specialist to provide a valid credit card. This is security for using the Online Booking privileges. Please be aware of the Spa Policies regarding cancellations and no-shows.

Once you are registered, you can immediately begin receiving added value and benefits as a Dana Point Bodycentre VIP member and watch your $PA DOLLAR$ grow!

Dana Point Bodycentre welcomes you back with special hygiene routines and COVID-19 guidelines. COVID-19 Guidelines