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Our Testimonials

My injuries all began when I fell off my bike and hit my head over a year ago....
I have been to see my doctor, my chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a physical therapist, a neurologist and had an MRI and I wasn't finding relief for my continual headache and neck pain. My neck was really stuck, and my range of motion was very limited. This caused low grade headaches during the day which would pool at night and make it difficult to sleep. The neurologist diagnosed it as a form of migraine.
I came to Jill for massage and she dug in and really loosened up my neck which was the first relief I had felt in over a year.
I also decided to try the Craniol Sacral Therapy with Kayt and it has been an amazing new experience for me. My headaches are no longer pooling in the back of my head at night and I feel 90% better than I have in a long time. I have almost complete range of motion with my neck rotation and the headaches are gone!!! I have found though that to keep it all working I have to return for massage and Cranio Sacral therapy for maintenance so that my neck doesn't lock back into place and the headaches don't return.
I am so thankful for the combination of Massage and Craniol Sacral together and the healing relief I've received after my bicycle accident.
- Cindy Bergquist | Travel Agent, Dana Point, CA